Nativity...Yesu Fɔmɔ! Nativity...Nyɔŋmɔ Dromɔ Sɔŋŋ!




Slogan: YPG…. Service All the way

The idea of the Young People’s Guild (YPG) was imported into the Presbyterian Church of Ghana by one Mr. A.M. Atkinson of the Scottish Mission with the idea of providing a forum for the youth of the church to express themselves in serving the Lord. The Late Atkinson was himself a member of Young People’s Guild in Scotland. Realizing the potential it had for the mobilization and nurturing of the youth of the church, the Synod of the Presbyterian Church of Ghana in 1938 gave approval to Mr. Atkinson to form the YPG in Ghana. The YPG was consequently formed to help bring the Youth of the church together to enjoy fellowship, learn Christian virtues through moral, spiritual and social training and to be groomed to take up future leadership roles in the church and the society at large.

With the establishment of the Nativity Congregation, plans were initiated by the various youth groups at the La Bethel Congregation (the mother church) to form satellite branches at Nativity to sustain the Church. Among some of the new groups formed were the Women’s Fellowship, Men’s Fellowship, the Children’s Service, the Church Choir, and Singing Band etc. It was during this time that the executive committee of the La Bethel YPG, then under the Presidency of Brother A.D.C. Johnson, also took the initiative and the responsibility to found the La Nativity branch of the YPG.

To ensure a successful running of the new branch, a six member executive committee made up of seasoned and experienced Guild members from the La Bethel were appointed to manage the infant group. They were charged with the responsibility to mobilize, organize, and run the affairs of the baby branch. These persons were Bro. Ellis Clottey – President, Bro. Alphonso Laryea (now Rev. Laryea, Rtd) – Vice President, Bro. Eugene Kotey – Secretary, Bro. Ebenezer Quartey – Welfare Officer, Sis. Rebecca Nortey – Treasurer, Bro. Gilbert Lomotey – Financial Secretary. The maiden meeting of the Guild was held on 19th November 1981 at the La Nativity Church and was formally opened by Bro. A.D.C Johnson. Present at the meeting was Bro. Ishmael Yemofio – Ex. Accra East District Organizer.

On Sunday 14th July 1985, the La Nativity YPG, having been in existence for four years was formally inaugurated as the 262nd branch in the National Register under the leadership of Bro. Ellis Clottey as the first elected President with Bro. Daniel Odamtten as Vice. Other executives included Bro. Gilbert Lomotey – Secretary, Sis. Docia Clottey – Assist. Secretary, Bro. Henry Clottey – Welfare Officer, Sis. Doris Djanie – Assist. Welfare Officer, Sis. Christiana Okpoti – Treasurer and Bro. Cephas Mensah – Financial Secretary. The ceremony was conducted by the National President, Sis. Gladys Ohene-Ampofo and was assisted by the late Bro. Emmanuel Kwame Aburam, the then Ga Presbytery Superintendent and the late E. Akorsu Sowah, the then Accra East District Organizer.


  • To promote the spiritual, moral and social wellbeing of the young people in the PCG
  • To serve as a platform for members to realize their potentials, opportunities and responsibilities within the church and the community
  • To promote the study of the Bible and traditions of the PCG
  • To encourage the young people of the church to take full responsibility in the Guild, the Church and the Nation as a whole
  • To facilitate the gathering and dissemination of information about the youth
  • To mobilize and empower members to undertake useful and viable economic ventures
  • To inculcate in members to make disciples of all nation


The YPG is headed by nine (9) core executives, eight (8) group leaders and eight (8) departmental heads. These individuals constitute the human resource capacity of the Guild. The Guild meets on Mondays between the hours of 6:30pm to 8:30pm and Wednesdays at 6:30pm for prayer and bible study. Our Wednesday meeting is dubbed CrossOver. Occasionally, the Guild organizes special programs on other days apart from the two already mentioned.

How to Join

YPG is a generational group for the youth between the ages of 18 to 30years.

Membership is mainly by Graduation from Junior Youth. Nonetheless, all youth between the age brackets can contact any of the group executives to join or call the Church Administration on 0302778762 .

Raphael Ako Manieson     – President (0572 113096)
Dorcas Simpson                – Vice President (0245 351936)
Faustina Atswei Anum      – Secretary (0272 473747)
Agnes Tsotsoo Sowatey    – Asst. Secretary (0560 476822)
Dennis Anamoah Sekyi     – Financial Secretary (0266 185528)
Prince Lartey                      – Treasurer (0278 703622)
Leonard Anum Mensah     – Male Organiser (0244 383745)
Pearl Racheal Manieson    – Female Organiser (0268 469591)
Unity N. Nanor                   – Evangelism Secretary (0576 520824)


To know His will and to do it;
This is the motto of the YPG.
God be our help, God bless our church
Under His banner may all youth unite.


Rally round His banner He bids you one and all;
With soul and mind and body, to serve the king of kings.
Join hands with YPG, all youth within the church
To know His will and to do it;