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Nativity...Yesu Fɔmɔ! Nativity...Nyɔŋmɔ Dromɔ Sɔŋŋ!



Response – Fellowship in Christ


The Young Adults’ Fellowship (YAF) is a generational group for all Young Adults of the Presbyterian Church of Ghana between the ages of 30 and 40. This was instituted following a series of discussions and stakeholder consultations initiated at the 2005 General Assembly of the PCG held at the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology (KNUST), Kumasi in response to the growing need of mobilizing and engaging the youth of the church within the identified age brackets who had fallen out of the church’s main generational structure, as a result of the reduction of the upper age limit for the youth (YPG) of the church from 35 to 30 years.

The La Nativity YAF unofficially began meeting in the La Nativity Congregation three months prior to its official inauguration on Sunday the 4th of December 2006, starting with an active member body of 64 enthusiastic young adults within the congregation, who first met after church service on Sunday 10th September 2006.

Today, La Nativity YAF stands with membership strength of over 150 registered members and 100 active members who meet once every week to fellowship through various activities including corporate prayer, personal development and community involvement to enhance a holistic growth of our members.


  • Be an all-round attractive group, every young adult in the Nativity congregation will be eager to join to promote Christian fellowship.
  • Be an attractive and serious Christian group where ALL (both formal and informal) resources are harnessed and utilized effectively to promote growth and fellowship among members.
  • Be the “engine room” of growth and development for the entire congregation, where all needed human resources of the church can be found or developed (Teachers, Ministers, Organizers, and all classes of Leaders and Professionals) and effectively utilized to promote the good of the church.
  • Be a star and a shining exemplary branch in the La district, Ga Presbytery and the Presbyterian Church of Ghana as a whole.


  • True Christian Fellowship
  • Discipline
  • Excellence in all aspects of our lives
  • Team work; leveraging on our individual skills and services
  • Innovation in programs and activities
  • Continuous improvement
  • Value people and relationships



The La Nativity YAF has important footprints in the church through collaboration with other generational group. These include:

  • The En-Dunamoo Movement, a youth empowerment movement jointly championed in collaboration with the congregation’s Junior Youth, and YPG.
  • The production and publication of the Nativity Exposure magazine, a joint effort between us and the YPG.
  • The church’s flagship annual Nativity YAF Walk, a health promotion walk for all congregants and members of the church’s immediate community.
  • The YAF prayer retreat.
  • The YAF/Church Carols night: “Miishee Sane”
  • The Nativity YAF Heritage Month celebrations


Wednesdays at 6.45pm every week at the church’s basement.



With the attainment of age 30, you can join the group.

You can contact any of the Executive members of the fellowship or any of the under-listed persons for further information.

President – Mr. R.T. Laud Baddoo (+233 24 4621741)

Secretary – Mrs. Patricia Addy (+233 24 4964576)

The current Executive body is constituted as follows:

Mr. R. T. Laud Baddoo  – President
Dr. Eugene Tettey         – Vice President
Mrs. Patricia Addy        – Secretary
Ms. Naomi Odotei         – Assistant Secretary
Ms. Abigail Lamptey     – Financial Secretary
Ms. Irene Odamtten      -Treasurer
Mr. Eric Odoi Quarshie – Male Organizer
Ms. Genevive  Adom    – Female Organizer
Edmund Odamtten       – Evangelism Co-ordinator


Hail, Hail, the Young Adults’ Fellowship
Hope and glorious future of PCG

In fellowship with Christ, we forge ahead;
With discipline and hard work, excellence in stewardship;
Christ in you, the hope of glory is our watchword 


/Come let us own the vision/4x
That brings us growth in harmony;
Ever proceed in unity to fulfill a noble cause