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The 2017 Breakfast Meeting under the auspices of the Young Adults’ Fellowship (YAF) of the PCG-Nativity Congregation came off on 1st December 2017, the first Friday of the month of December and which is designated as ‘National Farmers’ Day’ and thus, observed as a holiday throughout Ghana. The Breakfast Meeting is being institutionalized, beginning this year, as a regular calendar event organized by La Nativity YAF. This year’s programme was patronized mostly by members of the organizing group, YAF, and other invited guests from other groups within and outside the Congregation.

The event commenced at 7.00am with registration and a breakfast buffet made up of local and continental dishes of all kinds amidst exchange of pleasantries by participants. Mr. Samuel Anum Odoi later led the opening prayers to formally begin the session after which the MC, Jeffrey Tettey, did the introductions and other pre-event formalities, paving the way for a welcome address by the group’s president, Mr. Laud Baddoo.

Being both a spiritual uplifting and strategic learning meeting, the guest minister, Saviour Tunyo, took participants through the first session; an explosive worship and prayer session amidst soothing spiritual song and hymns from the Presbyterian and Methodist Hymnals.

The guest speaker for the occasion, Major-General Samuel Anum Odotei (rtd) mounted the stage after he was introduced to the meeting by Mrs. Eunice Ofoli-Anum. He expressed gratitude to the organizers and for the privilege to share with all present.

He spoke on the theme chosen for deliberation: “Christian leadership in the midst of mid-life crises”. He begun by saying, he will not only limit himself to the environment of church leadership because it is not the sole place to display our leadership but wherever we go. He based his teaching on two foundational scriptures from Joshua 1:6-9 where Joshua was admonished to be strong and courageous as he led the Israelites; and 1Timothy 4:12, teaching us to be an example to others in word and in deed.

He further went on to give the definition of leadership based on his personal life as an Army General as: The art of influencing people to do what they would not do on their own”. He added that, a leader instructs and sends people knowing their capabilities and equips them with the resources needed to complete an assignment.

In Christian leadership, he said, the leader shows the way by serving the congregation (citing the example of Jesus washing the feet of His disciples). Furthermore, if one does not serve from any leadership position, he would not have the respect and reverence of the people. He went on to give qualities a good leader must have and display:

  1. Vision – dream big into the future
  2. Wisdom – the capacity to apply knowledge effectively
  3. Good decision-making – be accurate enough in his decisions
  4. Courage – be bold and overcome fear (not the absence of fear)
  5. Energetic – strong to stand his ground
  6. Personal warmth – attract people to himself (not moody or wild to drive them away)
  7. Humility – think himself lower than others
  8. Integrity – he must be trustworthy
  9. Exercise authority – do not allow people to take you for granted because of your warmth
  10. Sense of humour – exciting to be with
  11. Self discipline/Self control – set good Christian boundaries to guide you
  12. Flexibility – change his mind on issues when necessary
  13. Initiative/Proactive – take steps to do projects and solve problems; not to wait to be spoon-fed

The closing segment of his presentation focused on the changes challenges of mid-life and how to tackle them:

  1. Employment and the challenges of working life
  2. Courtship and marriage
  3. Children upbringing
  4. Salary and finances
  5. Family and in-laws

He finally concluded by encouraging participants to take hold of the future, not to sit on the fence but to be bold and speak out to be heard, take things easy and explain themselves to people who may not understand their motives and acts.

A ‘questions and answers’ period followed, coordinated by Dr. Eugene Tettey, vice president of the Nativity YAF. There was another prayer and worship session to-wit offertory after which the guest speaker, Maj. Gen. S.A. Odotei brought the curtains down with the closing prayer and benediction.

Indeed, expectation of participants were met through the meals, prayers, worship and main presentation and it is hoped that, all that was shared will truly affect and transform their lives for good.

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