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Nativity...Yesu Fɔmɔ! Nativity...Nyɔŋmɔ Dromɔ Sɔŋŋ!



A heart and lighted lamp. It means let your light shine

Let your light shine before men so that they may see the good work of you and they will glorify the name of God.


Formation: Presbyterian Church of Ghana, Nativity Congregation was planted at its present location on 25th September, 1981. It dawned on a few of the women who had been attending fellowship meetings at Bethel to open a branch at Nativity. Upon several consultations, the fellowship held her maiden meeting on Wednesday 12th January, 1983 with forty-nine (49) members. Meeting days were fixed for Wednesday afternoons and Saturday mornings. The Bethel Fellowship supervised, kept the finances and monitored all activities till 24th June, 1991 after a proposal had been made and accepted by the then District Minister Rev. E.O. Tettey.

Inauguration: The Women’s Fellowship was officially inaugurated on Sunday 20th October, 1991 by the Ga Presbytery Women’s Fellowship Adwoashong. Some of the dignitaries present were Rev. E.O. Tettey, Rev. J.A. Mensah (now Rev. Dr. Jonathan A. Mensah), Rev. I.T. Sackey, Rev. E. N. Ollenu and the late Rev. J.N. Djeagu, the then District Minister and others.


With the establishment of the Fellowship in 1983 to ensure smooth running, its administration was put in the hands of Madam Nora Korkor Yoo Nartey and Mrs. Florence Eugenia Odonkor Kotey, all deceased. They were later handled by three Presbyters; Mrs. Dora Ayeley Kuma, Mrs. Mary Torto (both deceased) and Madam Bertha Anang (alive). The first president was late Mrs. Agnes Naadu Kwashie. All executives are nominated, voted and elected into office for three (3) years and upon good performance, could be voted for another term.


  • To build’s a women’s group as an integral part of the Presbyterian Church of Ghana.
  • To develop a fellowship for women in the church and evangelize others who may seek to know Christ.
  • To give guidance for physical, spiritual, moral, social and economical growth of Presbyterian women.
  • To develop the devotional life of its members and to promote the study of the Holy Scripture and the doctrine of the Presbyterian Church of Ghana along with Christian education generally. To encourage women to undertake together Christian Stewardship.
  • To encourage women to undertake projects which will enable them to be self-supporting and capable of assisting the work of the church.


The aim of the Women’s Fellowship is to help the women in the church to lead exemplary lives as Christian women in love and unity, so that at home, in the market and the public, their behavior will attract other women to Christ. 


Nativity Women’s Fellowship
A local women’s fellowship shall be formed within any congregation with consent of the local session. We use the Presbyterian Church of Ghana – Plan of Work for our programmes and activities. 


Membership of the fellowship shall be open to all women in the congregation at the age of thirty five (35) years. You can contact any Executive member or the group leaders.

Ophelia Y. Quao             – President
Agnes O. Vigbedoh        – Vice President
Rebecca T. Torgbor        – Secretary
Augustina T. Andrews    – Assistant Secretary
Elizabeth Quaye             – Financial Secretary
Agnes K. Adjei                – Treasurer
Florence A. Agoe            – Protocol Officer