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Where Power Lies

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“The tongue is most remarkable. For we use it both to taste sweet wine and bitter poison, thus also do we utter words both sweet and sour with the same tongue.”
― Neil GaimanThe Graveyard Book

“Words are pale shadows of forgotten names. As names have power, words have power. Words can light fires in the minds of men. Words can wring tears from the hardest hearts.”
― Patrick RothfussThe Name of the Wind“Words are like eggs dropped from great heights; you can no more call them back than ignore the mess they leave when they fall.”

“There exists, for everyone, a sentence – a series of words – that has the power to destroy you. Another sentence exists, another series of words that could heal you. If you’re lucky you will get the second, but you can be certain of getting the first.”

“Words… They’re innocent, neutral, precise, standing for this, describing that, meaning the other, so if you look after them you can build bridges across incomprehension and chaos. But when they get their corners knocked off, they’re no good any more… I don’t think writers are sacred, but words are. They deserve respect. If you get the right ones in the right order, you can nudge the world a little or make a poem which children will speak for you when you’re dead.”…. Anonymous

“Familiarity, they say, breeds contempt”. This is unfortunately true in various aspects of life. It is easy to have strong desires for a thing when it’s afar, but later disregard it when you have had it and are used to its attributes and looks over a period of time. Such is the case with the words that fly out of our mouths daily. Since speaking  doesn’t require much effort and is  a regular phenomenon of our everyday lives, it is easy to underestimate the power that lies in our tongue, hence we often pay little or no attention to the ‘damage’ or ‘repair’ that our words bring to ourselves and everybody around us.

The entire universe and everything in it, as we know it, was ordered into being by words, proceeding from the mouth of God; The very being after whose image we are made and dominion entrusted to us, even death and life as stated in Proverbs 18:21: “Death and life are in the power of the tongue”. Words are not just ordinary sounds carried around by air from our larynx .They have real power; tremendous power to do more than just conveying information. It is not by mere coincidence that of all the creatures on the planet Earth, only humans have the ability to communicate through spoken word. The ability to use words is a truly powerful gift from God, and like any other gift, we shall give account of its use; of any carless word we speak (Matthew 12:36-37).

It is quite amazing, to see people even in their normal conversations, often use insulting words at each other for fun; laughing about it. The ever popular ‘F’ and ‘S’  words have gradually become the order of the day in most  chats, with young people spiting them out with no iota of decorum, perhaps after a nice time of devotion in the Word of God in the morning.

Well the true nature and value of a vessel is known by the sound, whether it be cracked or not; so men are proved, by their speech, whether they be wise or foolish. – Demosthenes.

Jesus tells us in Matthew 12:34-35 that, our words are as a result of the abundance of our heart. One cannot claim to have the Word of righteousness in his heart and declare the very opposite in any level of conversation. You are known by what and how you speak. Once in darkness, our words were full of curses and negativity, ruining us inside out, but now in Christ, the old must pass away, our utterances should be polished and guarded. Just as God brought light into a dark world simply by declaring it, we are also transformed from hell’s bondage into the everlasting light simply by accepting Christ in our hearts and openly declaring that ‘He is Lord’. If we could possess such power and our words could cause such great and everlasting change even in sin, then now in Christ, being garnished further with grace and favour, our words, most definitely can avail much only if we would exercise the power to use it.

“A fool’s mouth is his destruction, and his lips are the snare of his soul” – Proverbs 18:7

Be not ignorant of the enemy walking about as a lion seeking whom to devour. (1Peter 5:8) He waits for us to confess his doctrine and speak forth vain words so he can use it as the power to devour us. Neither speak nor sit back to accept negative words spoken against you. We can, and indeed should use our tongues to lift up each other, unite, encourage, strengthen and heal wounds. In the face of danger, the spoken Word (the sword of the Spirit) is our offensive weapon.

David gives us a clear example as he faced the blood-thirsty Goliath in 1Samuel 17:45-46 While wielding a seemingly weak weapon (sling and stone), he refused to accept the giant’s threat against his life but voiced out openly and declared: “You come against me with spear and sword and with a shield, but I come against you in the name of the Lord God of hosts… and I will smite you and take your head from you…”

This declaration came to pass at the close of the battle.

It is in similar fashion that the devil takes and uses our negative words against us. The Lord God and His host of Angelic armies are also on red alert waiting for us to declare our faith in Him and the positive we desire to see so He can make it happen.

Beloved, the enemy may come appearing stronger than you imagined. The economy may be lashing you from all angles; Sickness, disease and pain may strike you immensely but fret not for we have such power to create the environment we desire. Always speak forth in faith and know that: You’re more than a conqueror… By the stripes of Jesus you are healed… Your spouse and children are saved in Jesus name… You’re the head and not the tail.

I will encourage all of us to fill our hearts and minds with positive things and practice the habit of speaking out positive things, whether formally or jokingly because real power lies in the value of words. Take hold of this Power in your tongue, use it to your advantage and enjoy the good fruits thereof.


Credit: Ebenezer Dodoo

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