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A Message by Dr. Leslie Quarcoopome

27th March, 2018

There may be a lot of you still feeling guilty of the sins of old that you had confessed years back; I want to assure you that so long as you have once confessed those sins, the blood of Jesus has washed them away. Sometimes, in our Christian walk, although we desire to walk right, things happen and we fall; I wish to tell you that when you fall, don’t stay on the ground because there is a blood that can speak for you. The blood of Jesus, as the Bible says, “speaks better things than the blood of Abel”. The blood of Abel demands justice and revenge but the blood of Jesus speaks forgiveness and deliverance. Satan, being the accuser of the brethren, will constantly come and remind you of your past sins. He will constantly come to accuse you to affect the confidence you have in God but when he strikes, that is when the blood speaks for you. Anytime satan comes to remind you of your sin, tell him “my sin is under the blood of Jesus”.


There are a lot of people who cannot function well in the house of God because they still feel guilty of the sin they committed in the past; but be assured today that God has forgiven you and forgotten that sin so stop asking Him for forgiveness because he does not even remember. Whenever you ask for forgiveness for that sin, God wonders what you are even talking about. So, don’t worry yourself confessing sins of the past; it is under the blood. Satan has succeeded in convincing certain people that God cannot use them just because their past is bad, but I have come to realize that, God seems to rather like those whose cases were worse.

When God wanted to use somebody to break through to Jericho, He didn’t choose anybody than the prostitute, Rahab. Also, before a certain time, no Gentile had ever spoken and proclaimed the Word of God but the first Gentile to do so was the Samaritan woman Jesus Christ met at the well. The Bible says “Jesus must needs be go through Samaria”. A careful look at the map of Samaria and Judea reveals that Jesus could have used other routes because the Jews never used the route through Samaria to Judea as the Samaritans were considered unworthy and unclean people, but the Bible says “Jesus had to go through Samaria”. The reason was because, there was this woman who was considered unclean, not to mention a man even stopping to talk to such an unclean woman alone outside of the city. To make matters worse, that woman had a reputation for snatching husbands but after she accepted what Jesus said, she went about proclaiming the kingdom of God in Samaria, making her the first non-Jew to preach the Good News. This foundation laid by the woman was what Phillip the Evangelist built on in Acts 8 where there was a city-wide revival and the power of God hit the city like never before to the extent that sorcerers came to surrender their lives to Christ.

I wish to inform you that it does not matter what evil you have done in your life; the Blood is strong and powerful enough to cleanse you and turn your life around. I have come to realize that, when God delivers people with weaknesses in particular areas, after the anointing, they begin to break similar yokes. People who hitherto were notorious, after the cleansing, they are able to influence similar people in their youth. It is not a coincidence that some of the best deliverance ministers are those who used to dabble in the occult. Maybe you are a man who used to convince women to follow you, but now that the blood has worked on you, you can use that same ability to convince people to follow Jesus. If you used to smoke wee and saw things that no one else could see, be prepared after the working of the blood, to receive that prophetic anointing to see things that others don’t see. Previously, you might have been good at insulting, but now, after the cleansing by the blood, that same mouth will begin to preach the Word of God with zeal to pierce people’s hearts.

If you fall, do not stay on the ground. There is blood that can speak for you. “Seven times the righteous falls, seven times he will rise up again”. The Blood is for forgiveness of sins.


In the Old testament, no ordinary human being could enter the Holy of Holies. The only person to do that once a year was the High Priest who spent time to cleanse himself before attempting to go in there because the Lord would strike him down if he goes there with sin. So, they tied a rope around his waist to pull him out in case he is struck down. God decided that instead of only holy persons having access, He will bring a situation where all could come to Him. Even with the High Priest, that which gave him access was the sacrifice he performed, so God decided to cause the blood of the Lamb to give every one access who accepted the finished work of the cross. The moment Jesus was pierced and His blood flowed and died, the earth shook and the curtain that separated the Holy of Holies and the court tore into two. That was a clear statement that from that time on, the door is open, access given and anybody who has the blood on him can have direct walk into the throne room “enter boldly into the throne room of God”.

This means you can go to God yourself without necessarily being prayed for by another; the door and access has been open to you. You are qualified by the blood of the Lamb to walk into the throne room and have access to God. Often, we become too dependent on the shepherds that God has given to us and end up overburdening them with petty things that we can handle in prayer; but if we will grow to the point and understand that we all have access to God through the blood of Jesus, our shepherds will be less stressed out. This dependency has also created the market for false prophets, turning the Kingdom work into showbiz and the men of God as superstars. In Christianity, there is only one superstar and only one centre piece, and His name is Jesus Christ of Nazareth, the Son of the living God. It is time to give Jesus the centre stage in our lives once again. The pastor did not shed his blood for you, all of us belong to Jesus. Some men of God have never even donated blood in the hospital before but curse their members for deciding to leave the church. We are talking here about someone who emptied Himself of all blood, by which blood we have been purchased and given access to God whenever we face difficulty. This is not to say the shepherds in our lives are not supposed to help; they are to help and guide us. Owing to the anointing on their lives, they often know what we don’t know so they can guide us, but do not replace Jesus Christ with them for we are all under the banner of Christ.

When you come to tell me that you have a problem and need prayers, I can only sympathize with you to an extent but I can’t really feel what you feel. For your prayers to be effectual, it must be prayed with fervency; so, know today, that nobody can be more fervent about your prayers than your very own self because you are the one who feels the situation. It is an open secret now that some people even pay prophets to fast and pray for them and some charge consultation fee on arrival. Let me make it known to you today, that any prophet or man of God who charges consultation fee before ministering to you is a fraudster; because when Jesus commissioned His disciples and gave them power over demons and over sicknesses and other things, He knew we will face such things so He quickly added “freely have ye received, freely shall ye give”. Jesus saw into the future and saw that in times like these, people will come to collect money before they lay hands on you. Now there are various kinds of oil for varied conditions that plague us: some for witches, enemies, financial growth etc and one is forced to buy it before they will be ministered to.

When Jesus was about to be crucified, He was filled with fear and grief and went to the garden to pray. He called three of His disciples to help Him to pray but by then, they had just finished eating supper and were full and sleepy. Anytime Jesus came back to them, He found them sleeping because the burden that Jesus was about to face was not theirs, hence they did not feel what Jesus was feeling at the time.

Jesus knew that the tribulation He was about to face was not their burden so he turned His back to them and turned towards His Father and started agonizing in prayer to the extent that, Bible says the sweat on His face begun to fall like blood. Jesus, at that time, was trying to change His destiny from death to life. If Jesus in an attempt to change His destiny had to sweat blood, then the least you can sweat in your own case is sweat. I challenge you today to take your destiny into your own hands because the blood of Jesus has given you access to enter the throne room of God. You don’t need to go through anybody; enter boldly and speak to God.


There is a lot of evil in this world. When Jesus was teaching His disciples to pray, one of the lines was “Deliver us from evil”. If Jesus wants us to pray for God to deliver us from evil, then it means there is evil in the world. Paul also said “For we wrestle not against flesh and blood but against principalities and powers, against rulers of darkness and spiritual wickedness in high places”.

The Bible again says “From the time of John the Baptist till now, the Kingdom of God suffers violence and the violence shall take it by force”. This is the nature of the battle we are faced with, but we thank God for the blood of Jesus which is able to protect us from anything the enemy shall throw at us.

In Exodus, when God wanted to liberate Israel from Egypt, He brought 10 plagues on them. The last one was that every first-born son of all Egypt died and God gave the Israelites an instruction to take a lamb (symbolic of Jesus Christ) without spot and blemish. God said, when you kill this lamb, apply its blood to the door post of your house so that when the destroyer comes and sees the blood, he will pass over you. When you apply the blood of Jesus Christ to your life and house, the evil one will pass over when he gets to you. The blood has so much power but you must apply it. It is like having a lot of soap in the world yet there are so many dirty people walking around; this is so because, those people have not applied the soap to their bodies. It is same with the blood. Having soap in the house or working in a soap factory doesn’t make you clean until you take the soap and apply it to your body. The blood has so much power, it carries so much potency but until you apply it to your life, it remains useless. After today, apply the blood of Jesus.

These are spiritual things, so if you pray saying “I apply the blood to my house”, you will not physically see the blood but because it is a spiritual thing, the evil forces will see and know that this is a no-go-area. I sometimes stand in front of my house and apply the blood to every corner and declare my house a no-fly-zone to witches and wizards. Believers, let’s rise and start talking like people with authority.

One day, a certain Pastor, while praying, was led to pray for a little girl in his church. The Holy Spirit told him to apply the blood to that little girl. Unknowingly, at that moment, there was a man who kills children for rituals and had captured that particular child about to sacrifice to the gods. The gods therefore rejected the sacrifice so the ritualist himself unbound the girl and set her free. May the blood be sprinkled over your family, finances and against devourers like sicknesses and damages to our car and other property. The blood of Jesus is a powerful tool, don’t fail to use it.


Unfortunately, many of us believers have not taken advantage of this power that we have in the blood.

What makes the blood such a powerful weapon for warfare? Revelation 12:11 – And they overcame him by the blood of the Lamb, and by the word of their testimony; and they loved not their lives unto the death.

The victory was over satan and his angels. Even in heaven, the blood was used in warfare and this happened even before Adam was created for “The Lamb of God was slain before the foundation of the earth”. So, even before Jesus appeared on earth, His blood was already in heaven and had been used to defeat satan in heaven. The blood has defeated satan before so he knows the power it has over him and knows his defeat is imminent anytime he sees the blood. After the defeat in heaven, Bible continues to say, “And there was no place found in heaven for them”. This is because the blood was present in heaven. If you don’t want satan to have a place in your life, just like it was done in heaven, you need to apply the blood of Jesus to your life; and when in spiritual warfare, project the blood against the principalities and powers – Draw a ‘blood line’ and forbid the devil from coming close or cross over. THE BLOOD OF JESUS!!

Anywhere you find yourself, in vehicles, on the street, at home, in the offices etc, sprinkle the blood for “The thief cometh not but to steal, kill and destroy”. There may be vehicles marked for accident but whatever mark is placed on any car by the devil is erased by the superior blood of Jesus.

Thank God for the finished work of Jesus and begin to exercise the power of the blood of Jesus Christ.


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