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               BROTHERLY LOVE – UNITY


The La Nativity Singing Band was formed on Sunday 18th March, 1990. The then President, Mr. Robert Laryea who led a group of members from Bethel performed wonderfully in song ministration at the Nativity Congregation on the day. An announcement was later made for the formation of the Singing Band at the La Nativity church which attracted fourteen (14) interested members whose names were captured by Mr. Henry Clottey, the then District President of the La District Singing Band.

The Band had its first singing practice on Tuesday 20th March, 1990 without any musical instruments; and ministered like that until it was provided with some instruments with the help of the Nativity Session and the late J.S. Abbey. There were thirty eight (38) founding members, out of which some are deceased.

The Band has since moved from grace to grace, and increased in numerical strength with the help of God. Nativity Singing Band currently has 14 executives.


  • To evangelize to people through song ministration.
  • To win more souls to the Lord’s vineyard.
  • To have a nursery band in the Nativity Junior Youth Fellowship
  • To train and raise more vocal singers.
  • To attain an increase in the numerical strength.
  • To inculcate the Gospel in its members.


  • It is made up of males and females
  • The Band meets 3 times in a week: Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays.


  • Bible study
  • Singing Practice/Rehearsals
  • Health Talk
  • Exhibition of Talent
  • Games and Health walk
  • Visitation of members and patrons
  • General meeting/Executive meetings.
  • Honoring invitations to perform at functions.


  • Anybody above 18 years of age in the church can join.
  • The president, David Yemoh Quarshie, the vice president Emmanuel Vergillus Tettey and the Secretary, Anita Odarkor Lamptey can be contacted for new enrolment.

Yemoh Quuarshie                   – President
Emmanuel Vergillus Tettey     – Vice President
Anita Odarkor Lamptey          – Secretary
Lilian Kwei                              – Assistant Secretary
Millicent Agyei                        – Financial Secretary
Elizabeth Yeboah                   – Assistant Music Director
Eva Akoley Mensah               – Female Protocol
Nkor Okine                             – Prayer Secretary
Henry Clottey                         – Advisor
Joseph Sai Anum                   – Advisor
Edmond Mensah Yemoh        – Advisor