Nativity...Yesu Fɔmɔ! Nativity...Nyɔŋmɔ Dromɔ Sɔŋŋ!


5th November, 2017 [Communion Sunday]

Bible readings

Joshua 3:7-17
1 Thessalonians 2:9-13
Matthew 23:1-12

Hymn of Meditation

PH 553: My strength renew, O Lord my God, in all my life on earth.

Grant that with all my strength serve You; love You with all my life.

In all our daily endeavours, work and engagements out of which we are rewarded, we serve in one way or another. In olden days, when someone is described as a servant, then he must be a slave or someone under strict authority who has no right of his own, and so it is in our relationship with God.

Everyone serves with diverse intentions and for different gains. When we serve as required, it becomes a blessings to us and those we serve.

In Matthew 12:18, Jesus described Himself as a servant of God. As we serve, the one thing that makes us worthy is humility, relating our work to the needs of the people we serve, being totally obedient to our cause and showing respect to all.

Jesus gave us the true example of humility, without which we cannot be right in God’s sight. How would God score our work to humanity today, as unto God or just anyhow, to be seen and exalted by man, or to receive eternal reward from God (See Matt. 23 – Jesus and the Pharisees).

Our nature and behavior should be consistent wherever we are. Jesus realized that, the leaders only enjoyed the pride and prestige of being referred to us leaders and not the fact that they desired to serve. They rather burdened the subordinates with much burdens. They took delight in their ‘long dresses’ and show-off in the streets.

Joshua 1:8 teaches us to delve into the scriptures and obey the Word day and night.

It is the Word that directs and leads us, we cannot serve the way God delights if we do not learn to submit to God’s word and live in total obedience. If we lean on our own intelligence and submit totally to God, He strengthens us and equips us for His work.

We must serve in deep humility, working hard at all times whiles we live.

Jesus teaches that “whoever desires to be great, must first learn to serve”. He showed them the example by washing His disciples’ feet. You can serve in humility if only you submit to your fellows.

What is your contribution to the church? Are you one of those ‘who do not have enough time’? Do you sit at the back always waiting for another person to do the work? Are you lending a helping hand to people and joining the rest to bring the work to fruition?

‘We live a borrowed life’, given to us to serve humanity and not to lord it over those we consider lower than us. Others have contributed their livelihoods to build the churches and mansions we inherit today, we must also, from our hearts and in humility, seek to put our resources together to prepare a good future for ourselves and the generations yet to come.

May the Lord God put in us the desire to serve and be humble.



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