Nativity...Yesu Fɔmɔ! Nativity...Nyɔŋmɔ Dromɔ Sɔŋŋ!


Sunday, 12th May, 2019

Bible readings:

  • 2 Timothy 1:5
  • Acts 16:11-15
  • Romans 16:1-4

Hymn of meditation: PH 333

Jesus, priceless is Your Gospel,

Help me treasure this always.

This is the best treasure I have here,

Nothing in this life compares.

Your Word is my life’s foundation,

I desire this more than life,

Men of earth are deceitful beings,

Word of God is truth that stands.


Women role in God’s plan

God has a beautiful plan for woman that will bring order and fulfillment if it is followed in obedience. God’s plan is that, both man and woman are of equal standing before Him but different roles are bonded together as one in His wisdom and grace. He specifically created each for his or her role. Acts 8:3-4


Timothy was raised by his grandmother and mother in an unbelievers home since his father was Greek. Lois and Eunice took it upon themselves in sincerity, faith and trust in the Lord to raise Him up.

Timothy exhibited these qualities and Paul testified to that, the spiritual leadership of his grandmother Lois and mother Eunice manifested itself in his work.

  • The question here is, as grandmothers and mothers, where lies our faith in God in training up our children? Can this reflect in our children and grandchildren?
  • How strong is our faith? Timothy was the third generation of this spiritual heritage faith and for this spiritual heritage not to die off, Lois passed it on to her daughter Eunice, a spiritual Legacy that affected thousands of people through his evangelistic grandson, Timothy.
  • As women, we should never lose hope of our faith in Lord when training up our children, but with sincere with hearts let us trust and believe in the Lord that we will reap a good seed.


Acts 16:11-15

Who is Lydia? She was a woman introduced in the New Testament and she was considered as the first convert to Christianity in Europe.

Lydia was a wealthy and industrious woman from Thyatira and lives in Philippi to sell some of her expensive purple dyed cloths that came from a shellfish in Thyatira.

Upon all her busy schedules, she did not fail to meet by the river side with other believers to worship. She was a worshiper of God and as Paul preached, his words touched her heart. The Lord opened her heart to receive the message. After receiving the message, she did not keep it to herself but her household were baptized; those who were old enough to hear and believe in Jesus chose to be immersed (baptized) for the remission of sin.

As busy as Lydia was, she did not joke with the work of the Lord.

Some qualities about Lydia that we need to emulate

  1. Worshiper of God
  2. Business woman (Act 16:14-15)
  3. Prayerful
  4. Comforter
  5. She is wealthy, but humble and offered Hospitality for Paul and his missionaries.
  6. Other Christian denominations see her as saint and celebrate her specially.

I believe we are all born again, and as Christians what impact or difference have made in sharing the good news.

Lydia offered her home to the apostles whiles they were in the city doing God’s work.

  • As women, do we show hospitality to our fellow believers, or we rather joy in their predicament?
  • Do we extend a helping hand to the needy, or we gossip about them?
  • Lydia, after hearing God’s message, opened it to her household and made a difference. What difference have you made ever since you became born-again?
  • How many souls have you brought into the divine grace of God?

This is now the time to go and make that difference as the theme for the Presbyterian Church of Ghana and the Women’s Week celebration says: “Go and make disciples of all nation: Women’s Role In Discipleship”

For those who avail themselves to do God’s work will always be thirsty for the word of God. As women, let us be filled with the word of God and there would always be the desire within our hearts to tell others about the gospel, which is Jesus Christ and His love to humankind.


PHOEBE: She was a servant at the Church of Cenchrea through whom Paul sent his letters to Rome.

Paul refers to Phoebe as a sister which means she is a member of the Christian church and a servant of Christ.

Phoebe’s work in the church could mean two things:

  1. She was a leader
  2. Faithful servant in the church and a trusted member of the body of the believers.

As women and Christians, we must assume leadership positions at home, Our workplaces, our church and wherever we find ourselves?

Being a leader is not just leading people.

  1. But do people around you see the work of God being done?
  2. Do we preach Christ as a command? Or we preach as we feel like.

Phoebe was a LEADER and a SERVANT.  if not, Paul would not send greetings through her to the Apostles in Rome reminding them of their good work and referring to her as a sister. Phoebe understood the work of God and did it diligently with trust in the Lord.

As women, let us find joy in doing God’s work, let us do the work of God with our faith and sincere heart and God will in turn bless us.

The disciples in Rome were to accept Phoebe on Paul’s behalf. They had to take care of her in all her physical needs.

  1. What Paul said about Phoebe in the reading, can that be said about us as women and Christians by our ministers and agents.
  2. Are we going to be accepted when being recommended? Paul recommended Phoebe and sent a letter through her to Rome which means he trusted her. He also knew her.
  3. Can we be trusted and assigned a job to do?
  4. Are we known by our characters, or we have different characters at wherever we find ourselves?

NOTE: Our characters preach Christ so let’s be of a good character as Christian women.

Paul greeted the Apostles in Rome by mentioning their names and reminding them of their good works. He did mention of a couple who worked with him in his missionary journey. Priscilla was a married woman but finds interest in doing God’s work with the husband.

We pray day and night for God to bless us with spouses and when He blesses us, we use that as an excuse not to do His work. Priscilla worked together with her husband because she understood marriage and knew that marriage is also God’s.  

In Conclusion:

These women have some things in common. They all have;

  1. Love for God’s work
  2. Faith in God
  3. Trust in God
  4. Readiness to do God’s work
  5. Readiness to accept responsibilities

“Go and make disciples of all nations, Women’s role in discipleship.”

  • Woman, what role would you play in sharing the gospel?
  • Lydia was a business woman and a wealthy woman yet she opened her heart for God’s word and work.
  • She shared what she had with the Apostles including her home.
  • Phoebe was a servant in the church of Cenchrea and a faithful believer.
  • Lois and Eunice trained up Timothy with genuine faith and trust in the Lord and it was testified by Paul.

Paul made women relevant in his work as a missionary and the work of God

  1. He considered women
  2. He honoured faithfulness and
  3. Honoured services in women

As we go, let’s play our role in discipleship as women.



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