Nativity...Yesu Fɔmɔ! Nativity...Nyɔŋmɔ Dromɔ Sɔŋŋ!


Sunday 18th March, 2018

Bible readings
Jeremiah 31:34
Hebrews 5:5-10
John 12:20-33

Hymn of meditation: PH 765

Word that comes from the Lord God,
That reveals what is in me,
All my sin I see from this,
And I see my Saviour Christ.

In these days, many would not want to hear about their death or death being pronounced on their loved ones. Everyone prefers a very comfortable life and no wonder that, messages preached these days are mostly based on miracles and prosperity. Christ is the one who suffered and died for us all so as we live, we live for Him and when we die, we die in Him.

Right from the beginning of the world as recorded in the book of Genesis, man is destined to go through some turbulent times, yet when those days come in the life of anyone, we turn to wonder “why me”? The lives of the early days Missionaries to Ghana and Africa are an example to learn from about lives ready to be offered up for a good cause. They died from ailment and more, yet they kept coming to Africa to deliver the Good News. People even rejected them and their messages saying “theirs is the white man’s God but we have our own gods” but still they went about preaching because they had a focus and a goal. That is why today, we can all dress up and come to church to sing and dance to worship God.

You may be suffering a great deal now with nothing good coming your way, but I am here to let you know that, there shall be a turning around in your life because you have placed your trust in a unique God who answers whenever you call. You may have written so many applications seeking for employment and not getting through, do not sit down and shed tears because God is behind you. Christ is always ready to answer your request. Look to Him, He is ready to do it for you. Weeping endures but joy still comes in the morning; but if you don’t weep today, how will you laugh tomorrow. If we are following Christ truthfully, one thing we should be ready for is suffering and neglect from people. Do not fight over the earthly properties.

Christ’s focus was the glory He had with the Father. Do not crave for the luxurious things around you now for they won’t last long. Jesus used the agriculture scenario to speak wisely onto the people that except a grain of corn is put in the ground to rot, it will not germinate. This, He said to proverbially tell them of Himself that He will be put to death, covered/ buried, but will later rise to bear even more fruit. The people went to Christ because of His kingdom; that He is ‘a big thing’ and when they get closer to Him, they will be free but Jesus was not thinking about His present glories; He was talking of His future.

Jesus’ use of the grain of corn scenario indicates that:

  • He came to carry a cross and not to wear a crown.
  • He came not to live a life of honour but to die a shameful death.
  • The kingdom He came to set up was that of crucifixion.
  • He came not to wear jewels of gold and silver as a king.
  • His cross and passion was to bring up a mighty harvest which will be of benefit to all mankind – salvation.

At a time even in Jesus’ own life, He prayed for the Father to take the cup of suffering away from Him but a voice came to strengthen Him to go through it. After continuous persistence on forgoing the crucifixion, He still yielded Himself and went through it because the glory He was afraid to lose through separation from the Father was still in-stored for Him. You may be trying to hold on to certain glories now which may seem to be what you have longed for but if you just allow yourself to go through the hardship instead of ‘cutting corners’, that glory will still be multiplied unto you many fold.

Beloved in the Lord, looking at Christ on earth in the garden of Gethsemane, He prayed with loud cries with tears when the Father seemed to have neglected Him, yet, He humbled and devoted Himself as an obedient son of God. What are you seeking under the sun? What are you pressing on to grasp? Whatever God has said is sure. If He says you will come out from your troubles into glory like His son Jesus, then it shall come to pass. If you have not gone through suffering before, anytime it appears to be knocking on your door, prepare to stand firm and endure because the God who is taking you through it will surely locate you and set your feet on higher ground.

God is always nearer to His children in times of challenges and difficulties but we sometimes rather run to fellows for certain kinds of help that only God can give. The Lord is planning to establish a particular relationship with you. He remembered the Israelites when they were in Egypt and delivered them from captivity.

God has established His own covenant with us which we always renew in the cup and bread anytime we come to Holy Communion services once every month. It is about time we wait on the Lord and ask Him to take control of our lives. We must believe in God if we want to be with Him and partake in His glory. As we believe and trust in Him, no matter what we go through, He is ready to deliver us. Believing and dedicating our lives to Christ is like a school we all have to attend.

In conclusion, it is as true of Christians, as it is of Christ.

  • There can be no life without death
  • There can be no sweetness without bitterness
  • There can be no crown without a cross
  • Without Christ’s death, there would have been no life for the world.
  • Except we are willing to die to sin and crucify all that we hold dear in this life, we cannot expect any benefit from Christ’s death.

Let us all remember these words and keep carrying our cross daily.

May the good Lord who has called us from various works of life help us live for Him and not to any other person. God bless you.



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