Nativity...Yesu Fɔmɔ! Nativity...Nyɔŋmɔ Dromɔ Sɔŋŋ!


MOTTO: While I live, will I praise the Lord; I will sing Praises unto my God while I have any being. (Ps 146:2). 


1st Time

Call – Praise Dynamics
Response – We make His Praise Dynamics

2nd Time

Call – Praise Dynamics
Response – For His Praise We live


Praise Sessions accompanied by singing, drumming, dancing, etc. were rare in traditional Presbyterian worship. In the wake of the charismatic revival, however, Synod realized that most youth in orthodox churches were being attracted to charismatic churches through vibrant praise music. Synod found it expedient to include praise sessions in the church’s worship. Thus, vibrant praise has since become a key component of Presbyterian worship.

Nativity set out with Mrs. Roseline Nikoi leading a short time of Praise after the liturgical prayers. The Singing Band later took over with the aid of the ‘dondo’, conga, tambourine until it became necessary to acquire modern musical instruments to further enhance the quality of music.

Following the purchase of the instruments, Mr. Franklin Anno of Joyful Way Incorporated and Mr. Benjamin Sowah, a church member and a member  of Faithful Servants (A music Ministry of Youth For Christ), were called upon to assist in their launch. They came along with other Joyful Way instrumentalists to see to the successful outdooring of the instruments in August 1999.

After the launch, the instruments were dismantled and assembled for use only during fundraisings. This continued for some time till praise became a normal practice week after week. Mr. Ben Sowah realized the need to involve others to help with the singing and playing of the instruments whilst he led the praise. Willing voices, hearts and hands that came along were those of Messrs. Lawrence Ofori, Vergillus Tettey (Keyboardist), Ms. Eugenia Ayim, Monica Dodoo, Gifty, Nora Djanmah and others. From that time, praises at Nativity Church became fully accepted and appreciated.

Soon after the dedication of the Church building on 31st December, 1999, an appeal was made for interested church members to join the praise team to make it more vibrant. This led to a significant growth of the group making the establishment of appropriate administrative structures imperative. In an election that was later held, the following persons emerged as the Executive.

Mr. Benjamin Sowah – President
Mr. Lawrence Ofori    – Vice President
Ms. Eugenia Ayim       – Secretary
Ms. Nora Djanmah      – Financial Secretary
Mr. Simon Lamptey    – Prayer Secretary
Mr. Vergillus Tettey    – Instruments Overseer
Mr. Joseph Odoi          – Asst. Instruments Overseer

When it became necessary to get a befitting name for the group, many names came up. Led by the Holy Spirit however, the name PRAISE DYNAMICS was unanimously adopted.

Soon after this, Mr. Benjamin Sowah was transferred to Kumasi where he worked for two years. Mr. Lawrence Ofori took over as leader of the group during this period. Praise Dynamics grew even stronger bringing refreshing songs of praise, adoration and other inspiring songs to congregants at both first and second services.

Praise Dynamics by this time, had not been officially inaugurated as a church group. On 22nd December, 2002, the group was gloriously inaugurated and dedicated into Ministry by the Rev. Alphonso Laryea.

Praise Dynamics will ever remain grateful to Rev. Neils Hesse and his Session who saw the need for a praise team and went ahead to purchase musical instruments. Our Session representatives at the time, Elders Steve Odoi, Solomon Lantei (Paa Solo of blessed memory) and Edmond Mensah deserve our heartfelt gratitude for being there for us in our formative years. We wish to specially thank the Late Madam Grace Adjei for always bringing us words of encouragement and constructive criticism.

May God shower his manifold blessings upon the Nativity Praise Dynamics, lift us up to higher heights and make us a total blessing to His Church to the glory of His name.

MAIDEN ALBUM: On Sunday 23rd December, 2012, the group launched its first album, “Mokome” (The one and only, Christ Jesus). The album featured various remixed tracks from the Ga Presbyterian Hymn book and others. Present at the launch were DSP Kofi Sarpong and Jude Lomotey, very seasoned gospel musicians.

In 2015, the group marked its 15th Anniversary with a series of events to commemorate the occasion. Some of these included: a general exhibition (GENEX 2015), Musical Outreach, Dynamic Sunday and an Awards Dinner night held at the Church’s Manse to climax it all.


To build a temple of praise and to draw more souls to Christ through the power of music.


  • To bring praise and worship to the understanding of church members.
  • To make church members active partakers in praising and adoring God during church services.
  • To provide a platform for the unearthing of musical talents in the church.


  • Rehearsal and Monthly Bible studies: Wednesday at 7pm – 9pm
  • Prayer Meeting: Friday at 7pm – 8pm
  • Rehearsal: Saturday 3.30pm – 6pm


  • Interested members should contact Ebenezer Quarcoo (President) and Viviana Amponsah (Secretary).

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/PraiseDynamics/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/praisedynamics/

Ebenezer Quarcoo     – President
Nicholas Adjah           – Vice President
Viviana Amponsah     – Secretary
Marjorie Ofori-Addo  – Prayer Secretary
Robert Quarshie         – Financial Secretary
Ebenezer N.L. Anang  – Technical Director
Samuel Tettey             – Asst. Technical Director