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Praise Dynamics Wins “Compospiration” 2018

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The Young Peoples’ Guild (YPG) of the Presbyterian Church of Ghana, La Nativity Congregation have in recent times introduced a programme dubbed “Compospiration” during their week-long celebrations. For the second time running, the programme came off in grand style in the main Nativity Chapel on 7th March, 2018. The programme brought to the Nativity Chapel, guest judges in the persons of Dr. Benjamin Amakye of TV3 Celebrations fame, Mr. Abraham Adjetey of La Nazareth Congregation and lead judge, Irene Sowah of ‘Yesu di Hene’ and ‘Obiara entese wo’ fame. The opening ceremony started at about 7:20pm amidst great tension and anticipation by both audience and ministering groups.

The MC for the occasion, Presbyter Edwin Tetteh-Bio, led the balloting to get the order of appearance for the ministering choirs. The choirs included: Praise Dynamics, EM-Praize, Nativity Youth Choir, Singing Band and Metallic Echoes.

The programme was aimed at bringing out the talents for music composition from the church’s singing groups. Each group was tasked to compose an original song based on the Presbyterian Church of Ghana theme: “LET THE EARTH HEAR”. It was indeed an exciting atmosphere for all the audience and participants as each group mounted the stage to deliver its composed song and one other optional song.

One after the other, the music groups delivered their musical compositions. One after the other, the judges commended and corrected errors in their performances.

Then came the moment of truth; the lead judge, Irene Sowah announced the final results for the evening, declaring Nativity Praise Dynamics (makers of the ‘Mokome’ album), winners followed by the EM-Praise (Junior Youth Praise team) as runners-up. The Praise Dynamics walked away with a cheque of GH300.00 for their efforts, sponsored by the Nativity Young People’s Guild.

Watch out for ‘Compospiration 2019’…Stay tuned!

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