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Miishεε Sane 2017 – “THE JUDGEMENT DAY”

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Hopes were high and expectations were even higher owing to the level of publicity and amount of ‘noise’ made to whip up the interest of congregants towards the 2017 ‘Miishεε Sane’ night of lessons, carols, drama, poetry and art.

The entire atmosphere was charged as at the time of the opening prayer by Cat. Sarah Esi Atiemo-Amoako and procession of the Church Choir with the Presbyterian Hymn numbered 79 (Zion bi yoo/Zion’s daughter) to kick start the event at 7:00pm. Lessons were read by selected members accompanied by Christmas carols and anthems from the church’s ministering groups: Praise Dynamics, Youth Choir, Junior Youth Choir and Singing Band.

Finally, after the fourth reading and song ministration by Millicent Mensah and the Youth Choir respectively, the main highlight of the night, a drama ministration begun, involving participants from all generation groups: Children’s Service, Junior-Y, YPG, YAF, Women’s and Men’s Fellowship. The drama, written and directed by Ghanaian Actor, Mr. Benjamin Kwadey, featured poetry recitals, song ministration, sound and special lighting effects all aimed at re-telling the story of the birth of Jesus Christ and the reason for His coming into the world – to bring salvation to the world. The drama was led at various points by lead performances from Humphrey Kpobi Jnr. (poet), Ishmael Nyanyo (lead choreography), Benjamin Sowah (pastor), Irene Sowah (old woman), Samuel ‘baby Nii’ (old man), Caleb (small boy 1), Jeffrey (small boy 2) and Julius Ala Adjetey (Jesus Christ).

The story quickly transitioned into the ‘Judgement Day’ scene after several ‘warning of the second coming of the Lord and the call to repentance’ by the ‘pastor’ (Ben Sowah). It was an exciting atmosphere as the artistically crafted, well-lit, veiled heaven scene was finally unveiled to the audience. The entire cast, young and old, great and small, lined-up to face the judgment seat of Christ to review their lives and find out their final destinations in accordance with the lives led on earth in a pre-recorded video projected on the screens. The judgement started with Nathaniel Bassey’s ‘Book of Life’ performed by the ‘Old woman’ (Irene Sowah).

Amidst fun and great tension, the message of rejoicing for those who would end up in heaven or pain and gnashing of teeth on the part of the hell-bound people was perfectly carried across to the audience. Those whose lives merited the crown of life were ushered into heaven by the angels and brought to the throne of Christ to be crowned with a crown made of gold whilst the people who lived in sin were taken by Satan and his demons along a mounted staircase and thrown down to hell.

The drama ended with ‘Hallelujah Chorus’ ministered by the Youth Choir amidst beautiful lighting effects and the sound of rejoicing. This transitioned into a choreography ministration by the entire cast to the tune of ‘I Win’ by Cweci Oteng.

The Minister-In-Charge, Rev. Edmond Mensah, mounted the stage after the drama to push forward the agenda of Christ’s second coming after which he made an altar call for all who wished to surrender their lives to Jesus Christ.

The night ended with a closing prayer by the Second Minister, Rev. Florence Akwetey followed by danceable highlife tunes from the Youth Choir to bring the entire curtain down on the night.

‘Miishεε Sane’ 2018 promises to be an even more exciting celebration.



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