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The Metallic Echoes is a choral group made up of young men and women of the Presbyterian Church of Ghana, La District. The idea to form the Metallic Echoes (ME) was conceived in 1988 when a group of young men and women led by Brother Erasmus Yemoh Tetteh had the conviction to use their God-given talent to glorify God in their youthful days. Some of the supporting founding members include Mr. Michael Tsakle, Mr. Andrews Nikoi and Mr. Samuel Ayitey.

Originally male-centered, the following ladies were recruited to support the men: Angelina Lomo, Mabel Tetteh, Felicia Quarshie, Evelyn Kurankye, Charity Odotei, Rebecca Seko and Sarah Quarshie. The first meeting was held on Sunday 7th July, 1988, at the residence of Nii Odoi Tsuru I (Kojo Sardine) which remained the regular meeting place until the permanent move to Nativity premises through the efforts of Session headed by Rev. Alphonso Laryea on 17th April, 2005.

The group has made a number of TV appearances since its inception and on November 2000 successfully launched its maiden Album “Mina Lilei Akpe Mihie – Volume 1”. It has since gone on to produce and launch its 2nd and 3rd volumes.

The Metallic Echoes was officially inaugurated on 28th November, 1993, by Rev. Victor Oko Abbey, current Chairperson of the Ga Presbytery.


  • To propagate the gospel through singing
  • To offer to God a sacrifice of praise, the fruit of our lips that confesses His name.


  • To win more souls for Jesus through singing
  • To foster unity and love among the Christian community


  • The group meets every Sunday after 2nd Service at the Nativity Chapel
  • The group ministers during church services, mostly after the 2nd reading of the bible
  • The group also performs on invitation at weddings, wake-keeping, parties, music festivals and competitions, “Nyehaa Wolaa” on Obonu FM, 96.5mhz
  • Our activities fall within the PCG and beyond

The Group runs a total membership of thirty one 31; 17 female and 14 male, out of which 19 participate actively in the Group’s programmes.


Our work, being a sacrificial one, we accept all who will willingly decide to join. The person will be taken through minimal voice training and brief interview.

Interested persons should contact Mr. Elliot Yemoh Tetteh on 0208 527406

Elliot Yemoh Tetteh       – President
Erasmus Yemoh Tetteh – Music Teacher
Keith Oko Sankah         – Secretary
Florence Fofo Laryea    – Financial Secretary/Treasurer
Samuel Sai Obodai       – Organist