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Make Reading a Habit

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The church leader stands in front of the congregation and asks “who has read his/her Bibles this week?” The question is met with dead silence. Not a single person has!

Why don’t people read? Is it because they don’t know what they stand to gain? If the Christian reads spiritual materials, he will show himself a workman approved of God. He gets spiritual insight. He also receives from God, knows Him, grows and is not easily deceived. Everything a student learns in order to excel academically is written largely in books. A non-reading student is a non-learning student; the end product is obvious.

Professionals read about their fields of endeavour to become better; Pastors read to know God, receive from and make Him known. Obviously, people ought to read to become better in any area they are engaged in.

“Reading is to the mind, while exercise is to the body” – Richard Steele.

The stamina and general well-being of a person who exercises cannot be over-emphasized. The same happens to the brain and mind of the avid reader. When the time for strenuous learning comes, the avid reader could sit and study for hours unend while the non-reader struggles and eventually falls off. It is therefore, no magic that people who have the habit of reading do better academically and in other areas of life.

People who read widely for pleasure usually acquire general information. This makes them appear widely learned and therefore well respected. They have bits of information about a wide range of subjects. They are confident and enabled to take part in discussions of any topic.

When a person grows up with the habit of reading from infancy (yes infancy) it becomes a character trait that is not easily altered. It is therefore incumbent on parents who desire to see the full academic and total potentials of their children unearthed to instill this habit into them. They can do this by buying them interesting, colourful and well-illustrated books of any subject of interest. Overtime, their gramma, spelling and vocabulary would improve and also keep the child away from unhelpful forms of recreation that yield no dividends, like watching non-stop movies etc. However, as they age, the spiritual and moral content must be monitored closely. Books like the Harry Potter series, Angels, Blue Jeans, Mills and Boons and others which introduce children to witchcraft, thwarted perceptions of the male-female relationship should be totally avoided.

Besides, anything a child learns at school is written in books, so books and reading are crucial in formal education.

Books on achievers may also strengthen positive character traits, reveal the weaknesses and mistakes of those famous achievers and encourage the child. This helps in good character development.

Books and reading have the power to drastically transform a person’s life. On a lighter note, don’t try hiding anything from the congregant at the La Nativity Presbyterian church by writing in a book (especially in the Nativity Exposure). Why?, because it will surely be found out!


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