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La Nativity Heritage Month Celebrations!!!

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The Young Adults’ Fellowship (YAF) of the La Nativity Congregation led a Heritage month celebration in the month of August 2017 for the entire congregation. Our Ghanaian culture is endowed with rich practices and beliefs but also laced with idol worship. The way today’s Christian is expected to act in all of these circumstances were at the very core of the discussions on the topics chosen.

The month of August was set aside by the youth of the church to learn about the rich culture and traditions of the Ga people of Ghana. This year’s celebrations had topics like Twins Rites – the Christians’ perspective, Chieftaincy Rites & Practices amongst Christians and also Fishing Expedition before Homowo celebrations.

The topic “Twin Rites – the Christians’ perspective” was led by Rev J.A. Obodai, a former District Minister of the Ga Presbytery. As part of his presentation he explained that though not all cultural practices are idol worship, twin rites is idol worship and Christians must not engage in it. He further mentioned that Christian-born twins can be given twins’ names per their cultural identity but not to perform any rites on them. Christian parents of twins should dedicate and baptize twins in the church and focus on bringing them up in the fear of the Lord.

The discussions on Chieftaincy rites and practices among Christians were led by Nii Anang Yemoh, the acting Leeshie Mantse. He explained that the various rituals and practices engaged in and profoundly gave more insight into some idol worship in these practices. He further explained that as Christians, we need to be at the helm of affairs to help convert the unbelievers to Christ and this is very possible using himself as a classic example.

Fishing expedition was the last but not the least of the topics discussed during the heritage month’s celebrations. Nii Gogo Obudante II and Onukpa Alex Ashirifie (head of Nii Badu Ansah We) led the discussions on the topic. This was extremely educative and revealing; their in-depth knowledge in history and folklore was excellent. At this event, they explained that these activities that preceded the festival celebrations were rooted in idol worship and hence the need for Christians to refrain from participation. Albeit, they explained that, the reason for the festival is to thank God for bountiful harvest but it’s rather unfortunate that our forefathers decided to rather give the thanks to their smaller Gods. It is our prayer that, Christians will take that chance to restore the original intent of the festival.

All these activities were crowned with a Homowo feast of tradition on the last Saturday of the month and a grand display of the unique and original African dressing on the Sunday. Many showcased rich Ghanaian cultural diversity through fashion and it was a great sight to behold.

The feast of tradition was well covered by Obonu FM and Obonu TV. This was aired several times on the airwaves narrating the story of the La Nativity Presbyterian Congregation’s celebration of tradition & culture.

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