Nativity...Yesu Fɔmɔ! Nativity...Nyɔŋmɔ Dromɔ Sɔŋŋ!



SLOGAN: Jy….Youth For Jesus…
Youth For Jesus… Show Yourself Approved Of God


The concept of “Junior Y” was introduced by the PCG; Nativity Congregation – La, before it was adopted by Synod of the Presbyterian Church of Ghana in 1985. It all started when God led a number of Children Service Teachers into an effective youth evangelism project. The project targeted people who could fit neither the Children Service Class nor the Young People’s Guild (YPG) because of their age range. Ms. Carol Markwei now Dr. Carol Markwei and her team in the Youth Evangelism come out with the concept which is now present in every congregation across the Presbyterian Church of Ghana.

The Group was inaugurated on the 15th of December 1985 by Rev. Peter Kojo, the then Youth Secretary of the Presbyterian Church of Ghana.

The members are taken through effective bible studies, prayer meetings, debates, talks, games, teachings on health and hygiene etc. designed to strengthen them spiritually, mentally, socially and again to provide them with the right perspective of Christian living. The group is sectioned within itself into various cells per the age ranges to facilitate teaching and learning after which they graduate to the YPG at age 18.

Since its inception in 1985, the group has chalked a number successes including emerging winners in quiz competitions, sports and other activities within and outside the District.



Owing to the huge number of the members and the rising demand for bigger space to accommodate the number of youth attending church every Sunday, especially during vacation and special seasons, there was the need and suggestion to break into two different services to curb the situation.

The maiden First Service came of on the 30th of July as scheduled. The choir processed at about 6.30am with 50 Junior Youth (JY) members and 5 leaders present. After praise and worship sessions led by the Em-Praiz, the congregation broke into 9 Bible Study groups led by 9 main group leaders and 13 other supplementary leaders.

Service continued after Bible studies with an anthem by the JY Choir followed by the 2 Bible readings. The preacher on the day was the recently Commissioned Rev. Wisdom Sabla. He preached on the theme: ‘SEARCH FOR THE HIDDEN TREASURE’. At the time of the sermon, the number had increased to about 200 JY members.

Affirmation of faith with the words of the Apostle’s Creed and an intercessory prayer time led by the President of JY, Bro. Daniel Tetteh followed the sermon, after which announcements were read by the Secretary. Bridget Antwi, liturgist for the service, prayed over and blessed the offertory after it had been collected. Money collected amounted to Gh¢280.80.

The day, being also the last Sunday before the start of the 2017 En-dunamoo activities, the Planning Committee took their turn to run the Congregation through the programme outline and the theme song for the year.

All said and done, Rev Wisdom Sabla said the closing prayer and gave the benediction. The Choir then recessed to end the service at exactly 9.08am.

Total attendance was 231. This included 35 Choristers, 26 Praise Team members, 7 Ushers and 163 Congregants.  

Leaders/Teachers: 22: Salomey Okpoti, Jonas Yinman, Abigail Dzanie, Jennifer Akotsei, Mrs. Cynthia Ankamafio, Festus Aziz Laryea, Humphrey Adjei, Edwin tetteh-Bio, Godfred tetteh, Lydia Ashitey, Silvanus Abbey, Samuel Tetteh, Daniel Tetteh, Henry Sowah, Mrs. Gogo, Courage Atiglinyi, Jacob Sabbah, Mrs. Wilhemina Odamtten, Rosina Mensah, Nii Nai Adjei-Mensah, Nii Laryea Oddoye.


About 20 minutes after the first Service, the JY Choir kicked start the second service at 9.30am prompt with a procession. The praise Team, Em-Praiz, led the 20-minute praises and worship session.

Bible studies, at this service was done in 11 study group with 11 main leaders and 3 supporting leaders, rounding up to a total of 136 members and 14 leaders. The Choir blessed the congregation with Osei Boateng’s “Hwehwe Me Mu” to prepare the grounds for the 1st and 2nd Bible readings.

A deliberation on the theme: ‘SERACH FOR THE HIDDEN TREASURE’ by Rev. Wisdom Sabla and affirmation of faith with the Apostle’s Creed also came through as in the preceding service. There was a total number of 140 JY members and 14 leaders at this point in the services.

Announcements by Secretary, intercessory prayers led by the Bro. Daniel Tetteh and the briefing on the 2017 En-dunamoo activities also followed suit after which the offering, amounting to GH¢209.50 was collected and blessed. The Rev. Wisdom Sabla then prayed and gave the benediction to close the service. The Choir recessed at exactly 11.43am.

Total attendance was 142. This included 31 Choristers, 26 Praise Team members, 12 Ushers and 73 Congregants.

Leaders/Teachers: 22


  • Wednesday – Crossover, 6.30pm
  • Saturday – Cell meetings, 5pm – 6pm)
  • Sunday First Service: 7am – 9am
  • Sunday Second Service: 9.30am – 11.30am
  • Leaders Meeting – Thursdays at 6pm
  • Praise Team and Choir meeting days: Saturday, 4pm – 5pm
  • Sundays after both services


Visit us during any of our meeting days (ie. Wednesday, Saturday or Sunday) and we will welcome you warmly and usher you into the family by allowing you speak to our Evangelism Coordinator.

Daniel A. Tetteh                – President
Henry Sowah                    – Vice President
Francisca O Sabbah         – Secretary
Jemima Ayorkor Ablorh     – Asst Sec
Lydia Ashitey- Financial     – Secretary
Rosina Dzigbodi Mensah  – Treasurer
Courage Atiglinyi               – Male Organizer
Salomey Okpoti                 – Female Organizer

Verse 1

We will read our Bible’s daily
And pray, pray without ceasing
Fellowship with other Christians
And tell our friends of our Jesus.


Junior Y, Youth for Jesus
Lift on high His banner of love
by our life we’ll tell everybody
that Jesus Christ is Lord

Verse 2

We will cheat at school no more
Respect, obey parent and elders
That they see Christ leaving in us
So they also will be save.

Verse 3

So we’ll grow in wisdom, stature
And favour with God and man
Show ourselves approved of God
within our spirits, minds and bodies.