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Dynamic Praiz 2017 – ‘This Wonder God’

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 The Dynamic Praiz concert dubbed ‘This Wonder God’ (Deut. 10:17) for the year 2017 came off in a spectacle as anticipated in the Presbyterian Church of Ghana, La Nativity Chapel on September 17. This year’s concert attracted well over 1000 persons in and around the La vicinity as well as other parts of Accra. Eugene Zuta and Irene Sowah were the guest artistes for the concert.

The Dynamic Praiz is a praise and worship concert organized annually by the La Nativity Praise Dynamics, the praise and worship team of the church, as a soul winning tool for Christ. It was fulfilling to note that the concert attracted not only members and non-members of the church but also former members of the Presbyterian Church of Ghana.

The concert opened with some prayer and welcome address by the MCs for the night, Lovinger Tetteh and Deborah Naa Dzamah Tetteh. A poetry recital on the theme, “This Wonder God” was beautifully delivered by Jeffrey Tettey after the preliminary praise and worship session. Choreography from the Word Theatre and soul-lifting renditions from the Nativity Praise Dynamics, the host team of the event.

Irene Sowah mounted the stage after the Praise Dynamics ministrations and literally shook the atmosphere with her single releases, ‘Yesu Di Hene’ and ‘Obiara Ɛnte Sɛ Wo’. The auditorium was filled at this point to capacity and many if not all, were standing with their hands up praising and worshipping ‘this wonder God’ for his faithfulness and mercy.

The already spirit-filled atmosphere went into a crescendo when the guest artiste, Eugene Zuta of Yesuee Woso’ fame mounted the stage. Eugene took the concert to another level with his maiden single hit ‘Yesuee Woso’. His rendition of some Presbyterian hymns coupled with popular songs known by many brought souls to the altar when the call was made.

Indeed, all who were present testified that, the presence of God was truly felt in the songs and artistry. It was a colourful event which will linger on in the hearts and minds of many who were present.

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