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Nativity...Yesu Fɔmɔ! Nativity...Nyɔŋmɔ Dromɔ Sɔŋŋ!




The Children’s Service of the La Nativity was founded on 2nd October 1981, a week after the founding of the Nativity Congregation – La. The founding members comprised Children’s Service leaders of the La Bethel Church who lived in the Nativity catchment area. They were Messrs E.A. Sowa (Jess), Daniel Lartey, Edmond Annang, Edmond Mensah, E.A. Sowah (Sowee), the late G.N. Tete and Sisters Carol Markwei, Janet Sowatey-Adjei, Margaret Odoi, Margaret Lartey, late Sophia Sowah, Juliana Sowah, late Patience Adjei among others.

The aim of the Chidren’s Service is to build the Church by leading the children (three months old to twelve years) to Christ and training them as Prov. 22: 6 says: “Train the child in the way he should go and when he is old, he will never depart from it”.

The Children’s Service has five classes divided into age groups as shown below:

  1. Beginners one   –  From three months – six years
  2. Beginners Two –  From six years – eight years
  3. Primary –  From eight years – nine years
  4. Juniors   –  From nine years – eleven years
  5. Seniors –  From eleven years – twelve years

It is important to mention here that, through the efforts of the Children’s Service Teachers, two other branches have been founded to serve children living in those localities. They are the Wireless and the Vredes branches.

The current staff strength of the Children’s Ministry stands at seventy teachers with fifty active ones. On the average, over 600 children make it to church on regular Sundays.

Current Executive

Abigail Kwashie        – President
Michael Lartey          – Vice President
Evelyn Armah           – Secretary
Dinah Sowatei          – Assistant Secretary
Nicholas Okoe          – Financial Secretary
Genevieve Adom      – Treasurer
Anita Lamptey           – Class Leader – Beginners
Sheila Okai               – Class Leader – Beginners 2
Francisca Djanie       – Class leader – Juniors
Beatrice Odotei         – Welfare Officer 1
Isaac Addo Tetteh     – Welfare Officer 2
Gifty Lartey                – Welfare officer 3
Joshua Adjei              – Welfare Officer 4

Almighty God, I adore you, as my Creator, Redeemer and Sustainer.
I thank you for my life and all your daily provisions.
I plead for your guidance, protection and the presence of the Holy Spirit to care for my life, family, friends and teachers.
Grant me wisdom, knowledge and understanding in all I do.
These and many other blessings I ask through Jesus Christ, Your Son and our Lord.

Nyᴐηmᴐ Ofe, mikε woo, agbojee kε heshibaa babaoo miiha O akε bo ji mibᴐlᴐ, mikpᴐlᴐ kε miyiwalaherelᴐ.
Miida O shi yε miwala he kε nibii babaoo ni okεdroᴐ mi daa lε hewᴐ.
Mikε heshibaa miiba ogbεtsᴐᴐmᴐ kε ohebuu koni Mumᴐ Krᴐηkrᴐη naanyobᴐᴐ lε abu mikε miweku, minanemεi kε mitsᴐᴐlᴐi fεε awala he.
Dromᴐ mi jwεηmᴐ, nilee kε niiashishinumᴐ yε nᴐ fεε nᴐ ni mifeᴐ mli.
Enεmεi kε jᴐᴐmᴐi krokomεi mibiᴐ kεtsᴐ Yesu Kristo, obi kε wᴐ Nuηtsᴐ lε nᴐ.

Otumfuᴐ Nyankopᴐn, miyi wo din ayε sε wobᴐᴐ me, na w’agye me nkwa, na wa ma me nea ehia me.
Meda wase wᴐ nkwa a wode akyε me ne nea wode ka ho ma me dabiara da no nti.
Mesrε wo hᴐ akwankyerε, ne banbᴐ, na afei ma wo Honhom Kronkron ntena me ne m’abusua, me nnamfo, ne m’akyerεkyerεfo mu na ᴐnhwε yεn so.
Ma me nyansa, nimdeε ne ntease wᴐ nea meyε nyinaa mu.
Eyi ne nhyira foforo biara a wowᴐ ma me no na meresrε wᴐ Yesu Kristo, wo ba yεn Awurade no din mu.