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Nativity...Yesu Fɔmɔ! Nativity...Nyɔŋmɔ Dromɔ Sɔŋŋ!



Slogan: BSPG! Pray without Ceasing!


Brief History

The Bible Study and Prayer Group (BSPG) of the La Nativity Congregation was formed in 1990 with the support of Rev. Elizabeth Ofosu, the Late Richard Yemoh and Elder Emmanuel Anyetei Sowah (now Rev. Sowah).

The group was subsequently inaugurated and established on 3rd February, 1991 by the Accra District BSPG and the following comprised the first executives:

  1. President –  Mr. Richard Yemoh (Deceased)
  2. Secretary –   Emmanuel A. Sowah
  3. Secretary  –  Ms. Doris Djanie
  4. Organising Sec. –  Mr. Emmanuel A. Mensah
  5. Treasurer –  Mrs. GiftyLamptey
  6. Financial Secretary –  Mrs. Ethel Lartey
  7. Protocol Officer –  Mr. Stephen Ofori
  8. Protocol Officer –  Ms. Thelma Adjanor (Mrs. Addo)

The group was established to win souls for the church and to serve as the evangelism wing of the church. The BSPG engages in house-to-house witnessing, hospital visitation, dawn broadcasting, healing and junction crusades in and around the neighbouring communities.

Years back, BSPG undertook a clean-up exercise which later culminated in a mammoth crusade to plant the Vredes Preaching Post in the La Agyeman-Trade Fair area. Over the years, the La Nativity BSPG has contributed immensely in the District’s programme which has resulted in the establishment and nurturing of other Congregations which include Fafrahaha, Amrahia, Amanfro, Maalejor and New Saasabi. The group has also been running the maturity/disciple class for new entrants into the church.

Within the BSPG is a Deliverance and Ministration Team which prays for the oppressed and members with various spiritual problems, the sick and more. Other sister Churches occasionally partner the La Nativity BSPG to assist in deliverance services. Some of these churches are  Lartebiokoshie, Osu, Kaajaano, Abokobi, Oyibi and Teshie Tsuibleoo Congregations.

The group also performs widowhood rites for widows and widowers within and outside the church.


  • To win souls for the Church.
  • To help weaker Christians to be strong in the Lord.
  • To evangelize Christ to those who do not know Him through visitations, dawn broadcasting, crusades and more.
  • To help carry each others’ problems, especially spiritually.


The entire group meets every Thursday at 6.30pm and Sunday at 5.30pm to study the Bible and pray.
The Deliverance Team meets every Tuesday at 7.00pm for deliverance services.


Any member of the Congregation can join the group. The doors of the group are opened to prayer requests and donations to be handed out to the needy.

For further information, please call the numbers below;

0555 547147
0206 267627
0249 173253
0208 527136